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Websites with Integrated CRM

We offer CRM software for electricians that help them to grow business and centralized customer data, along with lead management, Email Marketing, Sales funnel, call tracking, surveys and forms and a lot more.

Features of our CRM software

Here are the features of our CRM software


Dashboard displays summary of all the new opportunity gain (including open and closed), Conversation rate, campaign and its status, tasks to do.


This module help electricians to easily track all of their conversations either it is done on SMS, email or even on call.


Opportunity module helps electricians to create and manage opportunities and their status.


You can create campaigns as per your requirements. Electrician can get help from the submodule. Email marketing, survey/ contact forms, trigger action and many others.


This module helps you to get reports on different advertising campaigns, calls reporting and appointments.


In this module, electrician can maintain appointments with easy to use calendar interactive view.


In this module, electrician can ask for a review on Google, Facebook and other platforms. Electrician can easily track the reviews of different social media pages from this module.


Contacts module helps electricians to easily manage and update contacts of leads and customers. You can also apply filters with different fields like tags, months, name, city and a lot more.


You can create sales funnel from this module. For example, landing page, next page then appointment booking or contact us. This module is very helpful to identify the conversion rate of the website.

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